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  • VGA Graphics Card - ET3-8P

VGA Graphics Card
Model: ET3-8P
Multiple monitor video card + VideoDream

ET3-8P and ET3-4P have the same hardware performance,but the VGA output quantity increased from 4 to 8. It is a good news for securities firm. It means you can have the same size video wall but use fewer graphic card. For personal user, you can watch 80 stocks information at the same time (each monitor show 10 stocks). For now, if you want upgrade your system or join the stock market. ET3-8P is a great choice to help you catch more information. In the stock world, information is wealth.

Specification(For one ASIC):
  1. GPU: CyberPro 2010
  2. Bus Type: PCI
  3. Memory Size(MB): 4 / SDRAM
  4. Core Clock(MHz): 60
  5. Memory Clock(MHz): 20
  6. DirectX: no
  7. OpenGL: no
  8. Output Interface: D-Sub 62
  9. Output Signal: VGA*8
  10. Accessories: D-Sub 62 to D-Sub 15 cable *1
  11. VGA Max Resolution: 1600*1200(UXGA)
  12. OS: DOS, WIN 2000, XP

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