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  • Top Video Cards - FP3-5P

Top Video Cards
Model: FP3-5P
Multiple monitor video card + VideoDream

FP3-5P is the advanced version for FP3-4P. Under XP environment two FP3-5P support up to 10 VGA output. Under Dos environment multiple FP3-5P support more than 20 VGA output, it according to the quantity of PCI slot of the mainboard. FP3-5P provides end users with very low power consumption and high stability multiple-display card.

Specification(For one ASIC):
  1. GPU: CyberPro 2010
  2. Bus Type: PCI
  3. Memory Size(MB): 4 / SDRAM
  4. Core Clock(MHz): 60
  5. Memory Clock(MHz): 20
  6. DirectX: no
  7. OpenGL: no
  8. Output Interface: D-Sub 62, Box header(2*5)*1
  9. Output Signal: VGA*5
  10. Accessories:
    D-Sub 62 to D-Sub 15 cable *1
    Box header to D-Sub 15 cable *1
  11. VGA Max Resolution: 1600*1200(UXGA)
  12. OS: DOS, WIN 2000, XP

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