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These years, CHIPCOM COMPUTER CO., LTD. manufacture and export kinds of the Multi Monitor Graphics Card are increasing and total turnover of import and export rises steadily every year. The products receive good feedback because of high quality and well after-sale service. Furthermore, the quality is steady and the price reasonable.
  • Multi Monitor Graphics Card - EC-4P

Multi Monitor Graphics Card
Model: EC-4P
Multiple monitor video card + VideoDream

EC-4P is a very special multi-display video card. It is not only have 4 VGA output but also have 4 composite video output. The most important is VGA and composite video can display at the same time, just like a two port splitter. It is a very useful function for monitoring. By the way, TV-out function have fully programmable field, line, and subcarrier frequencies to suit worldwide TV standards. If you are still using CRT for display, change them to LCD in no hurry. EC-4P is the multi-display video card just you need. This card is Fan less, low power consumption and high stability, is ideally suited for industrial environments.

Specification(For one ASIC):
  1. GPU: CyberPro 2010
  2. Bus Type: PCI
  3. Memory Size(MB): 2 / EDO RAM
  4. Core Clock(MHz): 60
  5. Memory Clock(MHz): 100
  6. DirectX: no
  7. OpenGL: no
  8. Output Interface: D-Sub 62
  9. Output Signal: VGA*4, Composite Video*4
  10. Accessories:
    D-Sub 25 to D-Sub 15 cable *1
    D-Sub 25 to Composite Video cable*1
  11. VGA Max Resolution: 1600*1200(UXGA)
  12. Supports NTSC Resolution: 640*480
  13. Supports PAL Resolution: 800x600/720x540/640x480@50Hz
  14. OS: DOS, WIN 2000, XP

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