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CHIPCOM COMPUTER CO., LTD. was integrating manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our company covers an area of 6km. With our abundant experience and industrious and hardworking staff members, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers. Our production capacity amounts to 10000 per year. We are mainly engaged in MST Hub Displayport , and our products sell well in Taiwan. We conduct strict quality inspections over each batch / product. We will try our best to serve you and hope to become one of your friends and business partners.
  • MST Hub Displayport - DPH2-2214

MST Hub Displayport
Model: DPH2-2214
DP Splitter _ MST&SST DP Splitter

The latest generations of computers are getting slim and potable than ever, which also means that computers such as Windows tablet , laptop or even desktop are left with fewer display output ports and smaller integrated screens. Either you need multiple monitors from single DP port of your computer, or a bigger video wall with specified resolution, you can use DPH2-2214 DP splitter to afford it.

Besides, there are some other advantage for DP MST splitter:
  1. Seamless integration with your existing video equipment, such as VGA, DVI or HDMI.
  2. To extend your desktop onto additional monitors and stream independent content to each display, giving you the freedom to multitask.
  3. It can use just existing DP V1.2 graphic card in your computer to extend higher resolution up to 4K, but it share only lower system resource. It’s very powerful for high end graphic design, medical imaging and gaming.

DPH2-2214 offers a DP V1.2 input port and 4 HDMI outputs, it can be recognized as 2 virtual screens on Windows platform, and these two virtual screens can be placed left –right direction as a 4x1 video wall with 7680*1080 resolution, or can be placed up-down direction as a 2x2 video wall, and supports 3840x1080, or say 4K, resolution.

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    MST Hub Displayport

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