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  • Matrix Switcher Video - EB-VGARGBxxyy

Matrix Switcher Video
Model: EB-VGARGBxxyy
VGA/RGB Matrix Switcher

EB-VGARGBxxyy is a VGA or RGB Matrix Switcher which supports xx VGA or RGB input ports and yy VGA or RGB output ports, and focus on VGA or RGB signal switching and dispatching. It can switch any one of all VGA or RGB inputs to one or more VGA or RGB output ports, and all VGA or RGB output ports are independent and isolated.

  1. Naming rule: EB-VGAxxyy or EB-RGBxxyy.
  2. Support xx VGA or RGB inputs and yy VGA or RGB outputs, fully cross switching.
  3. Using latest new 32-bit ARM11 embedded MCU, 500MHz high data bandwidth chipset, and provide VGA or RGB long cable driving capability.
  4. Using Digital Synchronous Identification Processing (DSIP)technology, and offer signal long distance transmission distortion gain compensation technology to approach auto gain feature.
  5. Using the powerful logic design function inside FPGA to make matrix switcher more flexible, more faster and reliable.
  6. Using 1500KV ESD Electrostatic protection circuit To prevent a damage from hot-plug.
  7. Bundled switching scenario memory to prevent data loss while power failure.
  8. Through IR remote controller, it can enable the button-lock function to avoid a mis-operation.
  9. Using a high brightness, big size LCM with blue back color to display all ports switching status.

Product Highlight:
  1. Bundled loop switching function, and can setup any time interval and port sequence.
  2. Bundled 32sets of switching scenario memory space, user can choose any one of them directly.
  3. Command and ID are fully Compatible with all similar machine in the market.
  4. Using OMRON buttons on front panel, more long life and more sensitive and comfortable.
  5. Support 1 LAN port, 2 RS-232 and RS-485 COM port.
  6. Dual COM port design is good for video wall applications.
  7. Open control protocol and follow common protocol standard, and also support API and SDK for advanced development.

Control Ways:
  1. Button Control: All switching functions can be done by push buttons on front panel of matrix switcher.
  2. Remote Control: All switching functions can be done by IR remote controller.
  3. Software Control: All switching functions can be done by using the specified software on WIN PC.

Common Specification:
  1. Power  AC: 110V - 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, Auto sensing.
  2. 19" Rack mount chassis, and height depends on number of ports.

Technical Specification:
  1. Switching Speed: 50ms(Max.)
  2. Signal Level: 0.7V p-p/5.08Vp-p(TTL)
  3. Signal Format: VGA, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, RsGsBs
  4. S/N Ratio: ≥99dB
  5. Isolation(Cross Talk): -91dB @10 MHz, -79dB @100 MHz
  6. IO Jack: HD15PIN(VGA)Female/15pin DB /D-Sub Or BNC x5 for R.G.B.H.V
  7. IO Impedance: 75Ω
  8. Support Resolutions: 640X480~2560X1600(60Hz
  9. Synchronous Signal Level: TTL
  10. COM Protocol: 9600 bps, N81
  11. COM port pin definition: 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND
  12. Control Software: Provide Windows based program

Popular Models
VGA0404   4 VGA IN,  4 VGA OUT
VGA0408   4 VGA IN,  8 VGA OUT
VGA0416   4 VGA IN, 16 VGA OUT
VGA0804   8 VGA IN,  4 VGA OUT
VGA0808   8 VGA IN,  8 VGA OUT
VGA0816   8 VGA IN,  16 VGA OUT
VGA1604  16 VGA IN,  4 VGA OUT
VGA1608  16 VGA IN,  8 VGA OUT
VGA1616  16 VGA IN, 16 VGA OUT
VGA2408  24 VGA IN,  8 VGA OUT
VGA2424  24 VGA IN, 24 VGA OUT
VGA3232  32 VGA IN, 32 VGA OUT
VGA4040  40 VGA IN, 40 VGA OUT
VGA4848  48 VGA IN, 48 VGA OUT

RGB0808   8 RGB IN,  8 RGB OUT
RGB1616  16 RGB IN, 16 RGB OUT
RGB3232  32 RGB IN, 32 RGB OUT
RGB4848  48 RGB IN, 48 RGB OUT
RGB6464  64 RGB IN, 64 RGB OUT

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