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  • HDMI Matrix Switcher - EB-HDMIxxyy

HDMI Matrix Switcher
Model: EB-HDMIxxyy
HDMI Matrix Switcher

EB-HDMIxxyy is a professional HDMI Matrix Switcher with xx HDMI input ports,and yy HDMI output ports.

Product Highlight:
  1. Support xx HDMI input ports and yy HDMI output ports.
  2. Using Samsung professional image processor, and FPGA(Field Programming Gate Array) inside,much more stable and faster
  3. By choosing 6.5GHz high bandwidth and high speed digital image switching chipset to reach the finest picture quality, to avoid crosstalk, image ghosting and smearing.
  4. Compatible with HDMI V1.3 and V1.4, and compliant HDCP standard,support signal timing restructuring, CEC, 36bit true color technology.
  5. Support digital high definition and 3D video signal. Max. resolution up to1920*1200.
  6. If used a high quality HDMI cable which is compliant with HDMI V1.3 and V1.4, then input cable can drive up to 25 meters,and out cable can drive up to 35meters.
  7. Support seamless switching CMMAW technology and CCSEB power management technology.
  8. EDID fast reading and auto editing.
  9. Build in loop switching function and 32 sets of scenario pre-storage feature , allow to operate on front panel directly.
  10. Support Blu-ray  DVD24/50/60fps/HD-DVD/xvYCC.
  11. Support audio formats: TS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1 /DTS /DOLBY-AC3/DSD.
  12. Provide TCP/IP based utilities for user control and management need via either-net (Option).
  13. Surface mount (SMD) insertion,well designed with ESD Electrostatic Protection.
  14. Using fault tolerant design, and high noise immunity communication circuit to guarantee higher communication reliability.
  15. Provide infra-red remote control and RS232 communication function to make signal switching easily.
  16. Bundled switching scenario memory to prevent data loss while power failure.

Control Ways:
  1. Button Control: All switching functions can be done by push buttons on front panel of matrix switcher.
  2. Remote Control: All switching functions can be done by IR remote controller.
  3. Software Control: All switching functions can be done by using the specified software on WIN PC.

Common Specification:
  1. Power: 110VAC~240VAC,50/60Hz, Auto sensing.
  2. Temperature: Storage/Operating -20℃~+70°C.
  3. Humidity: Storage/Operating  10%~90%.
  4. MTBF: 70,000 Hours.
  5. 19" rack mount chassis, and height depending on Ports.

Technical  Specification:
  1. Protocol: HDCP V1.3, HDMI V1.4 and DVI V1.0.
  2. Data Transmission Bandwidth: 6.5Gbps(-3dB)
  3. Pixel Clock: 225MHz, Digital.
  4. Max. Resolution:
    1920x1200P@ 60_24bit,
  5. Signal Format: HDMI/ HDMI-A digital, T.M.D.S..
  6. Signal Level: T.M.D.S +/- 0.4Vpp.
  7. Connector: HDMI-A female.
  8. switching Speed: 100ms(max.).
  9. S/N Ratio: ≥96dB.
  10. Reflection(Return) loss: -50dB@5MHz.
  11. RS232 protocol: 9600 bps,N81.
  12. RS232 pin definition: 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND.
  13. Control software: Provide Windows based control software.

Popular Model
Fixed Type
HDMI 1616  16 HDMI IN, 16 HDMI OUT

Module Type
HDMI2424  24 HDMI IN, 24 HDMI OUt

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