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  • HD Video Wall Controller - DVW5-nxm

HD Video Wall Controller
Model: DVW5-nxm
Hybrid Video Wall Box
  1. Main hardware is well designed with field proven firmware,allows power on/off directly within just few seconds,no virus attack issue, no driver compatibility issue.
  2. Input card, output card and also power card are all modular design and support hot-plug and hot-swap feature.
  3. Support various input format including HD-BaseT, VGA, DVI, DualLink DVI, HDMI, SDI/HD-SDI, CVBS, YPbPr/YCbCr, SD Card, Twist-Pair, Fiber-optic etc
  4. Support DVI-I and HD-BaseT output.
  5. System max. capacity supports up to 152 inputs and 144 outputs.
  6. Input video can be displayed on one or multiple windows at any position, or overlap(PiP), shrink and stretch up, across monitor, and roaming anywhere on the video wall.
  7. Both scenario and template can be preset and pre-stored, then remote controlled via WiFi on either pad or mobile phone.
  8. Support TCP/IP (LAN/RJ45) and RS-232 protocol.
  9. Users will be assigned different privilege based on their authority.
  10. Commonly use’s scenario and template can be pre-stored inside the system, then setup some software HOT-KEYs on the panel of control software to map each scenario and template for easy operation. Total number of scenario and template is limited by hard drive space only.
  11. Each input generates different video window, and any window can be dragged and dropped , resized, overlay(PiP), shrink and stretch, across monitor, and also roaming.
  12. Provide SDK for user development, and technical support options.
  13. The dimension is varied by total number of input cards and output cards. There are some options such as 3U(6i2o) /6U(8i4o) /8U(10i9o) /12U(21i18o) /24U(38i36o).

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