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We specialize in offering a variety of Displayport Splitter.We endeavor to the leader in the industry with years of experience in manufacturer, supplier and exporter product in Taiwan. We offer customized solutions to our clients to meet their specific needs and demands. We also ensure that our machines are expertly designed to suit the varied requirements of individual applications.
  • Displayport Splitter - DPD4-2214

Displayport Splitter
Model: DPD4-2214
DP Splitter _ MST DP Splitter

A regular multiple displays platform uses directly multiple video output ports on graphic card to approach multiple display purpose. However, Display Port V1.2 provides a technology named Multi-Stream Transport(hereinafter referred as MST) to daisy chain 4 monitors by just single one DP port on a PC.
If to use a monitor with DP_in port and DP_out port, only one DP cable from PC is required for connecting multiple displays; it makes PC 's video cable work simple and clean. Should just monitor without DP, then a DP Splitter or DP HUB is needed to split one DP video signal to 4 HDMI or other video format which is supported by monitor, then connect to many displays.
MST uses DP V1.2 bandwidth to carry multiple video signal together, so total capacity of multiple video can't over the bandwidth stated. And that' why there is always a limit of maximum number of video outputs.
DPD4-2214 is one of DP HUB with MST which can split one DP V1.2 with high resolution into 4 DP V1.2 outputs with lower resolution,and all input and output connectors are female DP V1.2 plug in. The maximum resolution and screen layout format can be either 3840*2160 (2x2) or 7680*1080 (4x1). Power supply is DC 5V 2A,maximum driving distance is 3meters.

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