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  • Displayport 1.2 Multi Stream Transport - DPH1-1400/2100

Displayport 1.2 Multi Stream Transport
Model: DPH1-1400/2100
DP Splitter _ SST DP Splitter

SST is an abbreviation of Single Stream Transport. DPH1-1400 supports one DisplayPort V1.1 SST input, and its maximum resolution is 4092x768, meanwhile the input is recognized as only one virtual screen by Windows operation system, and this virtual screen can be split into 4 HDMI outputs with 1024x768 resolution per each monitor, and all monitors are Landscape serial connection as 4(w)x1(h).
Due to DisplayPort V1.1 bandwidth limit,if you need 1920x1080 output, then you should decrease total number of HDMI outputs from 4 to 2 . It also means that one DisplayPort V1.1 SST output from a graphic card can drive 2 Full HD 1920x1080 HDMI output through DPH1-2100, these 2 monitors are placed as landscape type too, and recognized as only one virtual screen by Windows OS.
DPH1-1400/2100 Input connector is a DisplayPort V1.1 female type,and output connectors are 4 or 2 HDMI female type. Using a DC 5V 2A power adapter,and embedded an EDID EEPROM which is containing various resolution options for reading monitor information by graphic card. DPH1-1400/2100 use metal case, and driving signal up to 3 meters, working temperature is within 0~40℃, and humidity is 0~90% RH Non-Condensing.
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