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  • CO Detector - COD-RF07

CO Detector
Model: COD-RF07
Smart Home RF series _ CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas,people is almost unconscious,while someone inhaled excess and did not be saved in time will cause a tragedy happened. There are some equipment at home which are the most possible to generate monoxide while they are not been used properly, such as Gas water heaters, gas stove in kitchen etc.,. All these devices will generate monoxide thanks to their Incomplete combustion, and furthermore, if a poor ventilation with it, do believe that will be a horrible thing for people at home, they are possibly and unknowingly poisoned by carbon monoxide,and even caused dead, so to install CO detectors around the CO possible source, such as kitchen, bathroom and bed room closed to gas heater etc., should be a smart option to protect family and enhance home security.

COD-RF07 is a wireless monoxide detector which is using either DC 24V or DC 12V as power supplier, easy to install and also very low power consumption. While CO concentration is up to 300ppm continuously,then the alert will be issued within 3 minutes; up to 100 ppm, around 10~ 40 minutes, up to 50 ppm, around 60 ~ 90 minutes to inform and warn people at home.

COD-RF07 goes well with other Smart Home RF series sensors, no need any professional guy but a smartphone or pad with specified APP, everyone can easily use them to build a home security system.

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