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CHIPCOM COMPUTER CO., LTD. is a factory direct supplier of 4 VGA Video Card in Taiwan. With steady technology back-up and good service in after-sale, the company grew up more and more in local stone business. Following are parts of our products, we are glad to offer detailed information of more models for your reference. Contact now!
  • 4 VGA Video Card - ET2-4P

4 VGA Video Card
Model: ET2-4P
Multiple monitor video card + VideoDream

ET2-4P for the PCI interface, supports up to four VGA outputs, each with 2MB of SGRAM. ASIC built-in "Run length" and "zigzag" decoder, IDCT logic circuit and Motion compensation digital logic circuit, support DVD / MPEG-II video acceleration can reduce CPU utilization. Single PC can be inserted more than one ET2 display card to provide more output signal. This card is Fan less, low power consumption and high stability, is ideally suited for industrial environments.

Specification(For one ASIC):
  1. GPU: SIS 6326
  2. Bus Type: PCI
  3. Memory Size(MB): 2 / SGRAM
  4. Core Clock(MHz): 60
  5. Memory Clock(MHz): 75
  6. DirectX: 5.0
  7. OpenGL: no
  8. Output Interface: D-Sub 62
  9. Output Signal: VGA*4
  10. Accessories: D-Sub 62 to D-Sub 15 cable *1
  11. VGA Max Resolution: 1600*1200(UXGA)
  12. OS: DOS

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