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  • 12 Monitor Video Card - SoBE3-12Port

12 Monitor Video Card
Model: SoBE3-12Port
Multiple monitor video card + SoBE Express

SoBE3-12Port is the Advanced version for SoBE3-9Port. SoBE3-12P not only have the latest AMD processors R9-360 but also have 4G DDR5. It is the industry’s first single- card support 12 groups HDMI or DVI output of the graphics card. Beside SoBE3-9Port’s all functions, but also enhance the single screen resolution of 1920*1080. By using AMD’s Eyefinity technology, may be 6 independent screen can also become a super large desktop. Maximum power consumption increased to 90W. If you need 4*3 TV wall system, the SoBE3-12P display card will be you NO.1 choice.

  1. GPU: AMD R9-360
  2. Bus Type: PCI Express x16
  3. Memory Size(GB): 4 / DDR5
  4. Core Clock(MHz): 1000
  5. Memory Clock(MHz): 1500
  6. DirectX: 12
  7. OpenGL: 4.4
  8. Eyefinity: 2.0
  10. Output Interface: VHDCI *3
  11. Output Signal(Adapter required): HDMI or DVI
  12. Accessories: VHDCI to HDMI cable or VHDCI to DVI cable
  13. upported Monitor: 12
  14. Max Resolution: 1920*1080(per-monitor)
  15. Supported TV wall mode(C*R): 4*3, 6*3, 2*6, 12*1, 10*1, 2*5, 4*2, 8*1, 2*4, 7*1
  16. OS: WIN7, WIN8, WIN10
  17. Max power requirement(W): 90W

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